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Self Adhesive Tiles

Acoustic and Multipurpose Wall Coverings

You can have complete design freedom with these Self Adhesive Tiles

The innovative Acoustic Fabric Self Adhesive Tiles provide a fashionable and practical solution whether you want
 a pin-board or full room acoustic control.

Self Adhesive tiles have all the features and benefits of easy DIY uses.

There are thirty three different shades available.

Each tile is 60cm x 60cm; each tile pack
holds 6 tiles; coverage is 2.16 square metres.

DIY Application

The tiles are easily cut with a sharp knife for shaping or to fit around wall mounts such as light switches.
Each tile has an adhesive already applied to the back;
you simply peel the protective plastic away
and press on to the wall.
Instructions are included with every pack.

Using the one colour, rotate alternate tiles
to create a subtle checker-board effect.


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